I've had a long, slow slide out of the holiday season and back into the real world. But here I am, finally back and with a couple of fun announcements.

First, I'm doing the coolest thing right now! I am studying to be a Modern Day Muse Group Leader.   You might recognize the Modern Day Muse name from Jill Badonsky's book The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard).  The class I'm taking, which is being led by Janet Whitehead of Musings and Mud with appearances and input from Jill herself, uses this book as its main text.  I've been in love with this book since I discovered it in 2004 (I think--maybe it was 2003).  So when I found out that I could lead workshops about it, I jumped on the chance.  Who wouldn't?!  It's too much fun.  How much fun?  Well, last night things we talked about it class had me collaging a light bulb.  Not a picture of a light bulb.  Actually collaging a real lightbulb.  That's how much fun this is!

That brings me to the "tiny steps" part of this post.  The Muse Leader class has started me on a new experiment, and I thought you all might like to play along.  I'm going to be trying something new with my fiction writing, but it can be used for any creative work you might be involved in, too.  It could even be used for cleaning your house, organizing your studio, any project you want to dive into.

Here's the experiment: set aside expectations and feelings that you must do a certain amount of work at a time or work on your project every day.  Instead, allow yourself to spend just five minutes on your project.  My intention is to do this 3-4 days a week with my writing.  And I might end up spending more than five minutes working on my novel; that will be a bonus, and I will celebrate!  But five minutes at a time is all you actually need to be a writer, a painter, a poet, whatever you desire.

As part of this experiment, I'm going to be keeping notes about how it feels to do just five minutes of creative work.  If you want to try this along with me, you don't need to keep notes about it, but if you do I'd love to hear your experiences.

So who's in with me?  Who wants to give five minutes to their creative dream?