I'm going to be away for a while--I have to travel for a family emergency. I'll be dropping my August challenges, although I might pick the Life in Black and White challenge up again for the last few days if I get back home in time.  In any case, I'll be back with things on my table and projects moving along as soon as I can.  Until then, keep exploring and finding what's just around that bend.

North Head Lighthouse Path



I've been keeping up with my August challenges but not doing a whole lot else.  Lots of stuff going on, keeping me a little bit overly busy.  But here are a few recent shots from the Life in Black and White challenge just so you know I haven't been hiding out in the closet.  Two of the pics are even of the beginnings of a new art journal spread, so I'm moving right along.  I'll get back to  that taking pics and writing about it thing again very soon!

Life in BW Collage 1