I have been procrastinating on writing a new blog post.  You probably noticed that by the whole month that's passed since the last post.  I've been contemplating some big, exciting changes in the website and my coaching, but I wasn't entirely sure how to get started, so I just kept putting off writing about.

Basically the shift is going to be a shift in focus from creativity in general to topics about writers and writing and the writing life.  I'm sure I'll still throw in some posts about my other creative projects now and then; it's not like I'm going to stop painting, art journaling, taking photos, all of that because I'm shifting my online focus.  Most of that sharing will happen on Instagram and Twitter now, though, so if you like to see what I'm making you might want to follow me there. Just be aware that there will also be lots of pictures of my cats, because they're adorable!

So back to MuseCraft™.  If you don't consider yourself a writer, you might still want to stick around.  I think writing is for everyone, and I'll probably talk about that fairly often.  Think about it.  Do you blog? Post on Facebook?  Keep a journal?  You're writing.  Might as well figure out how to do it the best way for you, make it easy, have some fun.  And I think it's important for everyone to at least try out some forms of journaling, if only to stretch themselves and their limits and see how it feels, so I'll be talking about that, too.

I'll be writing a lot about journaling and writing practice because I think they are important for every creative.  I'll also be writing about things like plotting and story structure, classes and workshops and books I run across, and things like that.  And I'm sure I'll be broadening these categories and adding to them as I go along.  For now, just know that there's going to be a shift, but I hope you'll stick with me for the next phase.