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You have a story you want to write.  Maybe it's just an idea.  Maybe you're almost there but need to get those last couple of chapters written.  Maybe you're somewhere in the middle.  Wherever you are, if you're not moving forward the way you hoped, the way you want, maybe you could use some help.

That's what I'm here for.

Write Your Story is a month-to-month, personal coaching plan customized to meet the needs of you and your story.  If you're almost at the end and need some focus and gentle prodding for a couple of months, or if you're at the very beginning and need motivation and encouragement for six or eight months or more, we can work out a plan to help you get to the last page.  Wherever you are right now, together we can set up a program to help you finish your story and get it out in the world.

How It Works:

  • A monthly phone call to see where you are and where you want to go
  • Weekly emails to set plans and check progress
  • Emails as needed to answer questions and offer encouragement and gentle accountability
  • Suggestions for resources you might need based on what you're working on that month

What It Isn't:

  • Advice on content  (I won't offer suggestions on what to put in your story--that magic is all yours!)
  • Editorial work (I won't be reading what you write)


  • $79/month
  • $199/three-month package
  • Payments are set up as a recurring PayPal subscription you can cancel at any time


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