On My Table–Black and White

I love color.  You have probably noticed this by the colorful background on my website and from the photos of my work I post here.  Color!  Bright, happy, beautiful color!  And sparkles.  I'm all about the sparkles.

This week, I went completely opposite from my normal tendencies:


Quite the departure from my norm, isn't it?  The only hint of color (besides the edges of other pages showing) is the smaller circles which are actually an off-white color.  This was an interesting exercise--when you aren't using color to balance things, draw attention to areas, etc. you have to look a little more carefully at where you're putting everything.  I think I will want to revisit this exercise now and again to see what else it brings up.

What about you?  Have you ever purposefully made something completely outside your normal tendencies?  What happened?  How did you feel?  Drop me a note and let's swap stories.