Plotting, Step 3 (Aristotle’s Incline)

Now that you've had a chance to list some events to put into your story, here's a wonderful tool to help you organize those events.

To help you figure out what to put where on your outline, I've pulled together a few really good resources on story structure:

There's more info on the incline out there, but I think these links will give you plenty of info to get your story going.

If you have the basic points on the incline figured out, you can write the story and fill in the details as you go.  If you have more scenes or events worked out, say the 30 events we worked on in the last Plotting and Scheming installment, you can then rearrange them under the different sections of the incline to work out more of your story.

Really, this info is everything you need to write a complete story--if you know these things about your story, especially if you have a few other events planned to help fill things out, you're ready to write.  Happy NaNoing!