Last week was a full one in the world of creating.  I did a full moon art journal spread (for Moonshine), a really fun mandala spread (for BOD 2014), and then a cute and quick February spread in my No Excuses journal.  Here's a snippet of the three pieces:


I also tried out a new recipe over the weekend (chicken divan, really good and I will be making it again with a few tweaks), started Finding Your Photo Style on Big Picture Classes (with many thanks to Mortal Muses--I won their giveaway for this spot in the class).  I also set up a little journal for practicing faces and alphabets.

Do you ever have days or weeks like this, where you seem to be creating and arting and making things all over the place?  Do you do anything to help trigger these really prolific, creative times, or do they just come to you?  They seem to just come to me accidentally, but I am examining things that might bring them on so I can maybe have more of these fun, creative jackpots more often.


First post on a new blog for my new business.  That's all a little intimidating.  I'm getting those pressured feelings of "I need to make this really good" or "This needs to be really excellent and draw people in and catch their attention right away."  The pressure is nearly enough to make me not write this!

I know a way around this, though.  it's something we can all use, something we all need to remember in all our endeavors.  Just dive in.  Just get started, get something down.  Moving is the only way to break through inertia.  Starting is the only way to break through a block.

So, welcome to MuseCraft!  Thanks for stopping in; I hope you'll visit often.

The blog portion of this website will be used for a few things.  I'll announce new classes, events and products here as the need arises.  I'll write about events and classes I attend to give reviews and opinions.  But I plan to use this space most often for experiments.

"Experiments?" you ask.  Yes, experiments.  Thanks for asking.

I'm going to build a habit of doing a creative experiment every week using prompts and exercises from all the books I have and websites I've bookmarked.  One week you might get a snippet of writing from a creative writing prompt.  The next week you might get an image transfer technique or altered book page or artist trading card.  I'll let you know ahead of time what experiment I'm going to do, and I hope you'll join me in my explorations.  Playing and exploring is a great way to get your creativity moving and get new ideas flowing; experimenting together just makes it that much more fun.

Thursday, I'll post a list of some of the books and websites I'm going to use and let you know what my first experiment is going to be.  Meanwhile, here's a picture from an experiment I did earlier this month.  It was a dual experiment--new recipe (pierogi) and one of Digital Photography School's weekly assignments (photographing food).  Enjoy, and see you Thursday!