This week has been filled with planning things for the MuseCraft™ Explorers' Club and working on more paintings for my 100 Paintings Project.  Basically, lots of fun over here!  I really love weeks like this.

Small Paintings 1

I am still loving small paintings and symbols, as you can see.  And metallic paint, of course, which is why I just can't seem to get a nice, sharp image darn it!  But I'm not giving up my shiny stuff, so I'll just have to deal with a little blur.

I'm having lots of fun planning collages and exercises and things for the Explorers' Club.  This planning and fine-tuning stage is probably my favorite part about creating classes.  It's just so much fun, so many possibilities, so many things I might do or create!  I love being here.  I think planning the details is my favorite part of pretty much everything--it's a space that's so filled with possibilities I feel like I could do anything.

What about you?  What's your favorite stage of creating?

Hope to see you in the MuseCraft™ Explorers' Club so we can create together!