"I'm late, I'm late..."  Those darned white rabbits and their time obsessions.  But I am late.  Or at least behind. On pretty much everything.

It's time for a ROW80 check-in, so at least I'm on time with something.  I don't have a lot to report, though.

I haven't done a lot of writing still.  I did finally feel pulled to get some journaling done--it's all about my plan for what I'm going to write in November for NaNoWriMo, and I'm really excited about it.  Luckily, it's going to take a lot of pre-writing and planning, so I get to work on it even though I have to wait to write any actual story on it.  I'm so in love with this idea I'm practically giddy and am having so much fun with the plans!

I didn't get anything done for my 52Stories, and I'm really stressing out about it, which is making me feel overwhelmed and keeping me from doing anything at all.  I need some breathing and some notes and lists to help me calm down and actually write.

I haven't done any exercise.  Some stretches, and that's it.  Really disappointed in myself on this because I thought after all the walking on my vacation I would come home and somehow manage to do more.

I have been getting a lot done on the housecleaning/organizing front (bought new shelves today!).  And I've been getting things done for my coaching.  So, successes there.  I did a couple of check-ins on other ROW80-ers blogs, but not as many as I wanted.

That's it.  I'm at least finally feeling back in the real world, so I expect to have a better check-in on Wednesday.  See you there!


This is the week that reminds me that experimenting, by its very nature, leads to some failures.  I was really stressed out about that yesterday and part of today, but then I realized that *this* is what we, as artists, are aiming for.  Not failure, not per se.  We are aiming at constantly reaching and stretching and pushing at our boundaries.

I contemplated throwing something together just so I'd have "real" results to give you on the flag experiment.  But I think just sharing that they didn't quite work out is a better choice.  This will happen to us as artists.  It should happen.  It means we're really doing the work we want to do.  So, something gone a bit awry?  Good!  It means you're moving forward in your work.   It means you're exploring uncharted creative territory.  And sometimes when you're adventuring, you're going to slip and sprain something.

So, this week I have a sprained ego.  And flags that are not coming out at all as I planned.  Some of this is because I was short on time due to a fraying problem in an art swap piece.  Some of it is due to procrastination--it's one of my main areas of expertise.  A lot of it is due to things just not quite coming out the way I saw them in my head.  I also think this project might have been a little too ambitious for completing in one week.

I'm not giving up on the flags at all.  I just don't have enough of anything useful put together at this point to show, nothing I can actually call a flag.  I will get them done because I really love the idea, and when I do I'll post pictures.  Meanwhile, here are the central images I'm using.

I decided on three flags.  I wanted five.  For the first part of the week, I really tried to make five ideas happen.  But three was the magic number.  My three wishes revolve around writing, moving and dancing, and being spiritual.

For writing:

For moving:

And for praying or being spiritual:

See you tomorrow with the next, not quite so ambitious, project announcement.