Today I had an epiphany.  I think I've had this one before.  I think I will probably have it again.  But today I thought, "Right where you are is where to start. No need to catch up or do anything else but take one step on the path."   And I knew it was true.  There are things I've been feeling so behind on (for example, the Life Book 2013 class I'm taking that fell by the wayside when I got the flu/pneumonia/Plague of 2013 and that I am just this week getting back to).  But today I realized that none of them are things that I have to do anything with except just start again, take the next step, just pick them back up and bring them back into my life.

I wrote my spring wish for Wishcasting on the back!

Some things I want to start/restart from right here:

  • Art journaling
  • Journal writing/writing practice
  • Drawing (taking Draw Happy with Jane Davenport and it's great!)
  • House cleaning/organizing
  • Creative practice

I have some other things I want to do, but I haven't worked out a nice, concise catch phrase for them to put into my bulleted list (such a shame--I love lists!).  Maybe another list another time when I have a clearer picture.

I am planning some changes to this blog and my newsletter, and one of the changes involves me getting back into a regular creative practice which is why that phrase shows up there on my list.  I'm not sure what that creative practice will look like just now.  It will probably have something to do with art journaling, I think. It would have been easier if I had started this in January because then I could have done a "one year of such-and-such" sort of thing, but it's not January so I don't think that will be the thing.  "Nine months of such-and-such" maybe?  That could work out.

Meanwhile, I'm doing a little bit of Wishcasting Wednesday and a ROW80 check-in, and then I'm going back to organizing my blog reader to help me feed my soul and boost my inspiration and make connections to my creative peeps every day.

Wishcasting Wednesday:

Jamie asks, "What is your spring wish?"  I wish to have more faith in myself and confidence in my abilities.  I wish to believe in myself at least strongly enough to let me keep moving forward and not get mired in self-doubt and worry.


Mostly this week is still about figuring out where I am going with my writing and how all of the different sorts of writing I do can fit together comfortably.  I had a huge breakthrough on the changes I want to make for my blog and newsletter, so this contemplation and giving myself some space is paying off.  I've been writing in my journal and making lists and notes all over the place, and I feel things coming together and opening up for me.

One of the things I realized in the past few days is that I want to put a big focus on journaling and Natalie Goldberg style writing practice.  I'm not sure this is something for a ROW80 goal for next round--I feel like I should be making goals about stories and blog writing.  "Real" writing.  But writing practice is real writing, too, and I know that it helps me reconnect with my storyteller self, so I know it's important.  It just feels a little weird to be putting it out in public as my main goal right now.  But I know it's the right thing to be doing right now, so I'm standing my ground and sticking with it, and if it's weird, then I guess I'll just be a happy, writing weirdo!