Last week's BOD 2014 lesson really caught my imagination.  I've already done it in two different sizes and different media, and I want to do more.  I'm even thinking of doing it on canvas and hanging it in my studio, I love it that much.

I did this one in my small practice journal.  It's done in Pitt pastel pencils and charcoal.
I did this one in my small practice journal. It's done in Pitt pastel pencils and charcoal.
This one is a full two-page spread in my art journal. It's done in acrylic paint and charcoal over stamped tracing paper.

I purposefully put in seven figures, partially because that's what was shown in the tutorial and partially because I like sevens.  Then, this morning when I shared it in the class group, someone commented on all of the sevens in the piece.  I hadn't noticed, but I put seven stars across the top and another seven down the side.  Fun serendipity!

Have you even discovered accidental symbolism or meaning in any of your work?  I kind of want to go back through other pages and see what else I might find.  I'll keep you posted.


Last week was a full one in the world of creating.  I did a full moon art journal spread (for Moonshine), a really fun mandala spread (for BOD 2014), and then a cute and quick February spread in my No Excuses journal.  Here's a snippet of the three pieces:


I also tried out a new recipe over the weekend (chicken divan, really good and I will be making it again with a few tweaks), started Finding Your Photo Style on Big Picture Classes (with many thanks to Mortal Muses--I won their giveaway for this spot in the class).  I also set up a little journal for practicing faces and alphabets.

Do you ever have days or weeks like this, where you seem to be creating and arting and making things all over the place?  Do you do anything to help trigger these really prolific, creative times, or do they just come to you?  They seem to just come to me accidentally, but I am examining things that might bring them on so I can maybe have more of these fun, creative jackpots more often.



I'm not sure if this one is done or not.  I'm letting it stand for now.  This was another great lesson from BOD 2014.  I stretched myself on the background because I was resistant to the messy technique, and then I stretched even more to draw the face and the little vignette on the right side.  Feeling really happy with myself for this, but still thining of adding in a vine with some leaves.

Soul Food 1

What about you?  Have you stretched yourself creatively or otherwise lately?  How does it feel?  Is there something you'd like to stretch toward?  Tell me about it, and let's do it together!


I worked on two art journal paintings this past week, but the second one that I planned to share here isn't finished.  So here's a detail from the first one.  It's a little more of a personal spread, so I'm not going to share the whole thing here, but this is my favorite part anyhow.

Brighid Detail

I had fun playing with effects in PicMonkey.  The original is very bright and vibrant, but I love the way this detail came out.  I'm also especially proud because I drew and painted this face!  No templates or printed out underpaintings.  I have only done a small handful of painted faces this way so far, and I'm still not comfortable drawing faces (but I'm working on it), so this feels like a pretty big accomplishment.

What have you been working on lately?  Have you made something/done something creative that you feel especially proud of (it doesn't have to be recent).  I'd love to hear about your creative accomplishments.


Last week, I was moving a little slowly.  I am still working on learning that this is okay.  It still feels odd, after a few years of doing lots of things with deadlines, to not have to get anything done at a specific time.

Tree and Roots 1

This is the first layer of a BOD 2014 piece that is mingling with work in Root: A 30 Day Journey.  I also discovered molding paste this week (that's the texture you can see), and I love it.  I used it with a stencil, and when you first put it on, it looks like those little, flat frosting shapes on cakes.  Very fun!

I am still really amazed at how hard not being busy is. We are a very busy society (I wrote about it here in October, 2012).  It's really hard to be unbusy.  But I am practicing, and I think this is a good thing to be doing.  I think creativity spreads and grows, and creative ideas come through easier, when we leave them some space.  Some space for daydreaming, lollygagging, goofing off.  I think this is why so many good ideas come to us in the shower, while we are driving, in those nearly-asleep moments last thing at night or first thing in the morning.  Those are some of the only times when we aren't so intensely busy.

Do you do anything to slow down and get less busy?  Or are you busy and you love it?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on busy busy-ness.


This past week I let myself combine my two lessons from Effy Wild's BOD 2014 and Moonshine into one art journal spread, and it felt so good to give myself permission to just do it my way and not worry that one was supposed to be a spread and one was supposed to be a painting. This is what following my intuition is supposed to be about, I think--finding the things that are right for me, the things that click and feel right.

Here's the combo spread.  I'm very happy with how it turned out, which I feel is vindication for choosing to do things this way!

Wolf Moon 1

I also took a small step in self care that has made an unexpected and huge difference in my days.  I changed my coffee mug.  Seriously!  That one little thing has brought me so much joy!  I switched from a bright pink travle mug which was okay but nothing special and didn't feel great to a beautiful, hand thrown and glazed mug from Table Mountain Pottery on Etsy.

Pottery Mug

That photo is untouched--the colors really do glow like that.  And even when it's cloudy out they still gleam just a little bit under my office lights.  Looking at this mug, handling it, drinking from it--these are sensual pleasures that make my work days better.  Sometimes it really is the little things...

So what little things have you done that have made a big difference for you?  What little things do you think you'd like to try out?



Last week I ran across a fun new project (really, it started last Tuesday, so it's very new) called Glue It Tuesday from Artsyville.  I've been wanting to bring back creativity for its own sake in my life.  I love cutting out pictures and words and gluing them down.  And Lisa Sonora Beam just recently wrote about how gluing things down can help beat creative block: "Feeling unproductive? Try fortune cookie oracles and gluing shit down."

Then today my Kaizen-Muse™ mentor and creative friend Lisa Dieken of Wild Creative Heart wrote this: "Being productive" needs to be redefined as "waht gets accomplished when you follow your inspiration." I knew I wanted to put this on a card for the inspiration section of my Right-Brain Business Plan.

All of that lead to this:

Be Yourself

What about you?  Been gluing anything down lately?