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I love the full moon.  I love watching the moon in general, but the full moon is especially spectacular and always feels special.  I never lose interest, never get tired of looking at it.

I've been a moon and star watcher since I was little.  My mother would often find me standing in the back yard just looking at the sky, and if she ever wanted to know if the moon was full or when it would next be full she just asked me.  I always knew, just from watching the sky all the time.

I got older and read about the moon and learned about names for each month's moon and special foods and colors and such that go along with each one.  And I kept watching her, month after month, always there and always changing, and I loved her even more.

Over the past few years, I've participated in a couple of online full moon circles for making wishes and art and celebrating each month, and I've loved doing them and wanted to do something of my own.  I came up with the name Muse Moon a couple of years ago, but the timing didn't feel right for getting started.  I didn't want to jump into an arena that already had enough performers.  But the circles I was in have slowed down, changed formats, or gone away and opened the way for my kind of moon watching.  2015 feels like the right time for Muse Moon, so here we go.

This is going to be a sort of mini newsletter all about the moon each month.  I'll put in some of my artwork and maybe photography, some writing (maybe poetry, maybe other) and anything else that comes up for that month.  And prompts and links to guide you in creating your own full moon writing and art.  I'll get a Facebook group started for us to share what we make, too, because I love seeing what different people do with the same starting point. Creativity goes in so many directions!

So that's it.  That's what Muse Moon is all about. Sign up below (it's free), and I'll send out the first newsletter on January 5 with all the goodies and a link to the Facebook group. Hope to see you there!

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