I started gathering my books and things that I want to use for my creativity experiments and quickly realized that, if I was going to include all the books and magazines I have, I was going to need a bigger lens.  And a bigger table.  Possibly a bigger room so I could get far enough away from the stack to get everything in the picture.  So, instead of including everything, I’ve gathered the things that I had nearest at hand.

This stack of books and the small pile of art supplies with them is part of what I’ve used most recently, even if it’s been just to browse through a few pages while waiting for inspiration to strike.  These are part of the things I have most easily reachable so I can just sit down with them and play when the whim strikes.  I highly recommend keeping some of your favorite creativity supplies easily accessible.  It’s so much easier to dive in, have some play time, and create something fabulous and fun if you don’t have to first spend an hour finding the tools you need.

Right now, I have a few favorites from that stack that I’ve been returning to again and again: Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts; The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam; Kaleidoscope by Suzanne Simanaitis.  Many of my first experiments here will probably come from one of these.  As a matter of fact, my very first experiment is coming from Lisa Sonora Beam, although it’s coming from her blog rather than the book.

I’m going to follow the instructions in her series of “Goal Setting for Creatives” blog articles and make a strategic planner.   I’m really excited by this.  I ran across the instructions about two weeks ago and fell in love with what I saw.  I bought some great papers and a cool greeting card for the cover, took my stash home, and promptly let everything sit.  I walk by that stack of papers, greeting card and embellishments at least twice a day.  I glance at the colorful little hoard and then avert my eyes, guiltily leaving the room without touching it yet again.  But now, since I’m making it an experiment and promising here to actually make one of these little gems, I know I’ll find the momentum to get it done. (Another of Kim’s Rules of Creativity—external motivation can really get you going, and having an audience, even a virtual one, makes for excellent external motivation.)

I’ll be back on Monday to post a “before” photo of my stash of planner bits, and then I’ll post the finished product or as much of it as I have completed later next week.  Until then, have a great, creative weekend!  See you here next week.