ROW80 check-in time.  I really like the way these check-ins help me mark the flow of my life.

This week I am taking it easy.  I have a cold, plus the post-NaNo blues and need to regroup.  I haven't added any words to my WIP, but I have been working on it.

I'm trying to figure out the chronological order for the stories in my series.  The hard part here is that I have some of the stories at least partially finished, but some others I only have the bare-bones idea for.  I need my characters to behave as if they know each other better in the later stories, so I need to decide on the order of the stories so I can add deeper interpersonal relationships into the later stories.  I'm not sure there is any particular best order to them.  Maybe I will just flip a coin!

Other than some work on story order, I've been able to get back to checking in on some blogs, and that has been nice.  I have to remember that even in the busy times it feels good to keep the connections with my community.  I need to make sure I don't push that to the back any more.

I have a few other things stirring in my head but nothing I'm ready to put down into words.  Something about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas stirs my mind and makes me want to start new things--diets, exercise plans, new novels, house organizing projects.  And usually this goes really well for me, better than if I start things at the new year.  So I may be sharing new plans very soon.

I do have one new thing to share.  Swords for Scribes--Providing martial arts experience and reliable information to writers through hands-on workshops and coaching.  Our first workshop will be January 26, 2013.  If you're in the Portland, Oregon area check out what we're doing.  It's going to be pretty awesome (playing with swords is always awesome).

See you next time.