A favorite picture I have used before; it just says "welcome" to me.
A favorite picture I have used before; it just says "welcome" to me.

Today I am going back to Jamie Ridler's Wishcasting Wednesday.  I couldn't resist her question: What do you wish to welcome in?  I love this question.  It feels warm and inviting and expansive, and it reminds me that it is better to welcome in what you want to have in your life than to try to push away the things you don't want.

So what do I want?  I want to move through my life with grace and courage.  I want to do things as they need doing so they don't pile up in my mind, weighing me down and stressing me out and holding me back from what I really want to be doing.  I feel like there might be a word for this, but I can't think of what it is right now.

I welcome in calmness and grace and courage and moving forward.  Welcome to my world, all of you!


ROW80And now a quick ROW80 check-in since Sunday got away from me. This week, I have been giving myself permission to step away from pretty much everything.  There's a lot of stressful stuff happening right now, but it should be mostly wrapped up after this weekend.  Until I am done with it I am mostly focusing on each moment, asking myself "what will help me feel calm and grounded right now?" and then doing that if I can.

I have been making some collages for The Right-Brain Business Plan which feels fun and light-hearted and is actually moving me forward on my coaching goals.  I have been reading and doing a little journaling but haven't done any writing practice.  So I haven't been completely stagnant, I am just taking it easy.

The combination of still being tired and run-down from being sick and a lot of stressors added into my life over the past 10 days means I have to gather my energy and hunker down a bit, but I know it's only temporary so I'm actually feeling pretty good about having the insight to know that I need to take things slowly and actually doing it.

Between now and Sunday I have several things that need to be done so I'm not sure it's time to set any writing goals for the rest of the week.  I do want to do more journaling because that's a very helpful process.  Other than that, there's so much else that has to happen that I don't want to plan for things that probably won't happen.  On Sunday, I am hoping I will be at a point where I can get back to some writing goals.  See you back here then.



10 Minute Muse

This week's 10 Minute Muse comes from Laurel Aston of Sparking Art.  In a group we both belong to, she shared one of her holiday traditions: "cut out paper stars, write one word on star (intention, quality to embody, etc), decorate with anything and put them up on window or some special place."

I immediately fell in love with this idea and knew that I had to make it this week's 10 Minute Muse.  I am calling mine Solstice Stars and writing on them and putting them up tomorrow, but you could quite easily make this Christmas stars, New Year's stars, or just Wishing Stars.

Here are the first couple I've made, ready for writing and hanging tomorrow:

Solstice Stars

Enjoy making some stars!  I hope you'll get a little time over the busy holiday weekend to share them.  Happy, peaceful, joy-filled holidays everyone.

About 10 Minute Muse:

You can get the details on 10 Minute Muse here. There really are no rules. Just let the prompt settle into your mind, see what pops up, create something from what the prompt stirs in you. It doesn’t have to “make sense” to anyone, not even to you. If the prompt is about daffodils and it makes you think of polar bears, go with it! Have fun, relax, play.

Enjoy your creating, and when you’re done share it with us below or in the comments. (Note: the link tool will remain open until Monday 12 p.m. PST.)