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Welcome to MuseCraft

Why You Should Create

The world needs artists--writers, painters, photographers, dancers, musicians, all of us. Artists put beauty and meaning into the world. Artists reach into the soul of the world and show it to everyone else and bring meaning and feeling to order the chaos around us. And on a personal level, you need to create to energize yourself, sort your thoughts and feelings, and still your mind. You need to create so you can center yourself and bring your best self to everything else in your life.

How I Can Help

Creating isn't easy. Even when it's fun, it can be hard. Sometimes you can know all of the actions you need, the techniques and processes, but you still can't do the work. I can give you a check-in point, a sounding board, a hand to hold, support for your journey. I can help you figure out what to do next and help you celebrate the steps you take.