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10 Minute Muse November 29–Right Where You Are

Do you ever find yourself longing for you're-not-sure-what?  Wishing you were somewhere else?  Yearning for something special, out of the ordinary, different?

I used to have that happen fairly often, especially if life was hectic and stressful--something that can happen this time of year a little too much.  (Like last week on Thanksgiving when I got so tied up in the holiday I forgot to pop over here and do a 10 Minute Muse post!)

This week, our question is: Do we really need to be somewhere else?  What can we do right now, right where we are to see the beautiful, special things we want in our lives?  There's your 10 Minute Muse challenge for this week--right where you are now, look around and find something a little bit special, magical, something that makes you smile (it's perfectly acceptable to go outside and walk around for this--you don't have to stay glued to your chair, you just have to be in your normal places and spaces).

A silly, cute little dancing flower that makes me smile every time I look at it and makes me take note of when the sun is shining and sparkling through my window.

You can get the details on 10 Minute Muse here. There really are no rules. Just let the prompt settle into your mind, see what pops up, create something from what the prompt stirs in you. It doesn’t have to “make sense” to anyone, not even to you. If the prompt is about daffodils and it makes you think of polar bears, go with it! Have fun, relax, play.

Enjoy your creating, and when you’re done share it with us below or in the comments. (Note: the link tool will remain open until Monday 12 p.m. PST.)


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