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Learn to live your creative dreams

When I was little I loved stories most of all--being read to, reading to myself, watching movies, making up my own stories. And I loved to color and to make things. Really, nothing’s changed, except I’m a bit older now, and I’ve had more training

As an adult, I discovered that I love to learn about writing, too. New book about story structure? Gimme, gimme! Blog post about antiheroes? I’m devouring every word. Creative writing class? Sign me up.  I love this stuff (and grammar and punctuation stuff, too, but that’s another story).

I started painting and taking art classes as an adult, too, after years of believing a fourth grade art teacher who told me that some people are artistic and talented and that I wasn’t one of those. And learning to get past that negative voice made me want to help other people figure out how to get around whatever’s in their way and live their creative dreams, too. So, here I am. And here you are. What’s your creative dream? Let’s bring it to life together.

More about me:

  • Loves Alice in Wonderland
  • Dreams of the ocean
  • Crazy about animals and books
  • Loves monsters and magic
  • Loves scary movies and 90s alternative rock
  • Wishes on stars
  • Watches the moon
  • Likes tarot cards and to-do lists
  • Loves donuts
  • Loves reading about writing and learning new tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Can’t resist washi tape

My training (in case you want to know):

  • BA in psychology
  • Middle school/high school English Language Arts certified teacher
  • Beginner and advanced creativity coaching certificates from Eric Maisel
  • Certified Kaizen-Muse™ creativity coach