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Creative Dreams Come in All Sizes

I write and talk about creative dreams a lot. It's a focal point in the coaching work I do. But I don't think I've ever really said what "creative dream" means.

Your creative dream is what you want to do. It might be that thing you think about in quiet moments and wish you could do. It might be something you already do that you wish you could do more of. It might be a really big, overall wish for your life. It might be something you'd like to try out this year or this month. It might be (probably is) some mix of these.

Your creative dream doesn't have to be a big, driving force, a target you are focused on with no room for anything else (but it can be, and that's fine, too). And it definitely can be short term or something you want to do more of but not daily or even weekly.

So don't worry if you feel like you don't have "one true passion." A creative life doesn't have to be about that. We don't have to have this near-obsession in order to be artists and live creatively. All those find your passion messages can make us feel like we're missing something when our creative dreams are right there in front of us guiding us to do a little of this, a little of that, mixing and matching interests so we build our own brand of creative life.

I guess what I'm saying is follow your interests. They don't have to feel huge and fiery the way passion sounds. They can be little tickles or sparks, but they're still worth following. Do the things that interest you, and don't worry if they're big or small. Just do the things that make you feel glad you did them.


12 thoughts on “Creative Dreams Come in All Sizes

  1. Helen Patrice

    Thank goodness for this post. I’m a Renaissance woman - bit of this, bit of that.

    1. Kim

      I think that's a great thing to be! Follow your enthusiasms! Everyone's happiness and creativity come in different ways.

  2. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    To have something you can do that lights you up is always a good thing, and it’s great to recognise that:)

    1. Kim

      Yes! I can get lost looking for that big thing, that passion we're supposed to reach for. I am trying to remember that my joys can come in smaller packages.

  3. Jean

    I have always been this and that. Lots of interests, playing with paint, drawing, writing but not “mastered” any. Made myself feel less than because I thought I should be focusing on the big thing. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Kim

      I think a lot of us have fallen for that story that we're supposed to have one big passion. But I think there's just as much joy and wonder and goodness in having multiple interests.

  4. michele

    i haven't thought about my own dreams in so long, much less how to make them happen. thanks for the reminder that i need to give my own passions and talents the space to grow.

    1. Kim

      And yet it's all you! I love that about the stuff you do. You shine through always.

  5. Lisa

    I love this post!!
    In this moment, I think my "one true passion" is to simply have and live a creative life. My creative dreams are all over the place with all the things (waves hands) I want to do and try.

    1. Kim

      I love that idea of creativity itself being the overall passion with many ways of expressing it!

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