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Dear Diary, April 22

What do you do with a really weird, hard day? I write about it. Usually in my notebook, but since I'm doing this blogging challenge I'll write a little here.

Nothing today went how it was supposed to, and it was all stuff that was out of my control. And now I'm feeling like I'm not doing any of the things I was supposed to do with my life, and that must be how I ended up here.

You know, I used to be a poet. And I used to be a story writer. I used to be a photographer. I used to have plans. I used to think I was going someplace.

Today, I'm just tired.


19 thoughts on “Dear Diary, April 22

    1. Nicole Cormier

      I feel this Those things are still there, waiting to come out again. Why not try on one of those identities and see how it feels? How it’s changed?

    1. Kim

      Thank you! Yeah, I think we all hit days like those. So glad we're all hear to boost each other up.

  1. Helen Patrice

    I used to have a thriving, emerging writer career in my 20's. Then I had kids. Then I had depression and anxiety. Then my brain changed. Then I had breakdowns. I've taken 'professional' off the table. I'm trying very hard not to mind.

    1. Kim

      {{{Hugs}}} That's a lot that's happened. We don't have to be all the things all the time, right? Sometimes it has to be one thing at a time. Take care!

  2. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    At the heart of the “used to be’s” you’re still you. You’re valuable, and we hear you (((hug)))

  3. michele

    i feel this. identity and self-expression and self-confidence and energy truly ebb and flow, and when your energy is down, it's so hard to feel like anything. all that talent and passion is still in you, and you'll feel it again. this is a hard time; just inhale and exhale and get through the day, and one day you will want to pick up your pen or camera and be that writer or photographer again. at least, that's what i tell myself, too. hugs.

  4. Effy

    I hear you. And you are still all of these things. And tired is a perfectly reasonable response to *waves at all of this*.

    When I'm in this state I like to remind myself that if you don't let a field go fallow once in a while, the whole thing just up and dies. <3

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