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Dear Diary, April 29

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Thursdays are turning into weirdly hard days. I got called last minute to go to a different school, and it was an elementary school again (I teach middle school and high school for Pete's sake!). And a mix of things have added up to lots of pain in my leg, so I can't get comfortable and I can't concentrate so I can't get anything done that I really wanted to do, and it's about bed time, and I feel like there's too much stuff I need to do in the next three days. And really what I want to do is delve into this new writing book I'm working through with a friend and some writer friends of hers. We're starting Saturday, but we're doing the prep exercises right now, and being responsible and doing the stuff I need to do is killing me! I don't want to be an adult right now!

Okay, I feel a little better now. I highly recommend writing down the stuff that's bugging you. And complain about it, too! I think it clears the brain. Now I'm going to go write a list. On paper. Of the things I need to do over the next few days. And I'll get it all done. That's the power of writing things down for me. This brain is ready to go!


16 thoughts on “Dear Diary, April 29

  1. Angela Fretwell

    Oh I hear you .... I came home from work with a throbbing headache and thinking it will be an early night for me! xoxo

  2. Jean

    Yes writing down stuff sure does help. I've got journals from back to 1963.

    I hope your leg feels better and that you enjoy your new writing project.

    1. Kim

      Oh wow! What a wonderful collection to have! So many thoughts and memories. I did not keep most of my early journals, but I've started keeping the finished ones now. I love that idea of a collection of our years.

      Thank you for the good wishes!

    1. Kim

      They really do, and they really are. I probably need to put sticky notes around my house--Make a List!--for when I'm frazzled and forget.

  3. Effy

    Lists are everything. And so is complaining. 🙂 It's actually scientifically proven to help us move past shit!

    1. Kim

      Oh cool! I do usually feel better when I name the things and get them out of my head.

  4. Francine

    I hope you're feeling better today. I need to be better at writing down all the stuff in my head. I will make to-do lists, and write down quotes and other things to remember, but not the deeper kind of thoughts.

    1. Kim

      Thank you! And to be honest, about 90% of what I write down is random stuff. But getting all the random stuff out regularly opens up the way for getting to the deep stuff, I think.

  5. elle

    Hope you're feeling better now. I put a lot of stuff into my art journals as a way of processing but then cover it up. Unless it's something I want to keep note of, that stuff goes in my regular journal. It all helps

    1. Kim

      It does all help! I really like putting things in my art journal and covering them up, and I almost never do it because I forget about it. I must need another sticky note! 😀

  6. Lisa

    I'll do that sometimes, write a list of things that are annoying me.
    Sometimes it helps. More often I'm making lists of things I want to remember
    to do or to look up.

    1. Kim

      I do those to do and to remember lists, too. Lists or sticky notes. 😀

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