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Dear Diary, April 6

Off the internet, I'm a substitute teacher (English teacher looking for a classroom). Today I got to sub in a middle school humanities class, and at the end of class the teacher gave journaling prompts and had the students write for 10 minutes. I loved the prompts so much, I decided I want to do them for a 10 minute journaling today because doing 10 minute writing is my favorite. And then I decided that I would write here and share it with you, because these prompts are really good.

  1. What's happening? What's going on?
  2. 3 things you do every day/ 3 things you want to do every day
  3. What is the difference between what you do and what you want to do?

How great are these questions?! Okay, here are my answers.

What's happening? I'm tired. My allergies are really bad right now, and coupled with getting sub jobs again and going back to work after a year off is kind of knocking me down. But I did my strength training and even a 20 minute walk today, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I also went to a grocery store (not Trader Joe's which is small and so feels very different) for the first time in over a year, and it felt really weird.

Three things I do every day. I'm going to skip over the basics of teeth brushing and all that. Three things I do every single day. I'm having a hard time pinning things down. Drink coffee in the morning? That seems like one of the basics. I watch TV every day. I read every day. I play games on my phone every day. I don't know if I do anything else absolutely every day. I don't write or paint every day. I take days off from exercise. I don't cook every single day--Friday nights are carry-out night for one thing. It's interesting that I don't have any "important" things that I do every day.

Three things I want to do every day:

  • Something creative. It's really easy to let it slide when I'm tired and unfocused or busy or some combination. It wouldn't even have to be writing or painting or stitching. Just something. I notice that doing my current daily hand lettering practice doesn't feel like it fits the bill here.
  • Spend time with my lists and planners and thoughts and goals. I feel like I let them slip away from me when I don't give them regular attention, but it's been harder to do that since I started subbing after my old office closed so I don't have a stead schedule and routine anymore
  • Something spiritual. Light a candle, say a prayer, draw some cards. I used to do this so regularly, and now it's like I don't remember how, but I know I like the feeling of doing these things regularly.

What's the difference between what I do and what I want to do? Ease. The stuff I do every day is right there in front of me. It's easy to do, it's accessible. I don't have to set things up, get things out, prepare anything do do them. This tells me something I already knew about what I need to do to help me get to my goals more regularly. I do things more when they are easy to just sit down and get started on. Time to get back to that studio reorganization!

What about you? Do you have things, important things, that you do every day? Do you have to do anything to get yourself to do them? I'd love to hear about your routines!


10 thoughts on “Dear Diary, April 6

    1. Kim

      I liked them so much I'm playing with ways to tweak them for daily use. And subbing can definitely be hard, but it's always interesting!

  1. Susan Renshaw

    These are super prompts - I may use them myself! As a former Supply Teacher, hope you find your classroom!

    1. Kim

      I love that we're teaching the kids some self-reflection and talking about things like this. And thank you!

  2. April

    I'm definitely going to have to explore the question of what you do versus what you want to do, because that would be very revealing.

    1. Kim

      I didn't find anything I didn't already know, but putting it into words yesterday has make me feel clearer about it. I feel like the things I need to do are a little more solid now.

  3. Effy

    Fantastic prompts. I make lists almost every day because the sense of accomplishment I get from ticking off each item is a natural anti-depressant so I feel you on the desire to get back to your planner. I draw a card almost every day to check in with the divine. I'm going easy for myself these days, though, living in a kind of desire led way with lots of wiggle room. I hope you find your "just right routine" soon. <3

  4. Mary M

    What great writing prompts! I do make a list every day in the morning while having my coffee, to give myself some sort of focus or choices about things to do that day. Right now I am wanting to change things up as I feel like I went off in the wrong direction. I retired from a highly stressful career a year and a half ago and had all these big goals and plans for my next step. But now I realize that was just more of the same thing wearing a different look and not the best thing for me.

    1. Kim

      I love that morning list idea. It's something I would like to incorporate, but I'm struggling because of my weird non-schedule. So glad you realized that you need a different direction. Good luck with it!

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