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Do Something Different

In a sense, this is a follow-up to the creative doldrums post and also a little bit of a follow-up the the "not the usual thing" post from a few weeks ago.  It's something I advise people to do all the time.  I haven't actually been following my own advice, though. And oddly enough, if you don't actually do the things, nothing changes!

This week, I'm going to shake things up a bit and see if I notice any difference in my thought patterns or creativity.  At least three times this week, I'm going to veer off my normal path and see what happens.

Some things I might try:

  • Watch a TV show or movie outside my normal interest fields
  • Read a book outside my normal genres
  • Read a magazine or even magazine article outside my normal areas

I decided to pursue this because of something I read last week (and darned if I can find it again!) that suggested things like reading or watching different things.  I "cheated" a bit and started doing this over the weekend.  I watched the movie "Jarhead" on Saturday, and on Sunday I watched a biography of John Travolta.

What new things might you try to change things up a bit?