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Doing Things

I've been wanting to write a blog post for over a month. I've started it at least four different times. But I seem to be doing all the things I coach people out of doing! So I haven't been writing it. The funniest part is that it's about my desire to share more (probably a lot more) about my love of planning and to-do lists and goals and how I feel like as a creative I need to adjust how these things are usually done.

Luckily, Effy Wild launched a thirty day blog challenge for April. I saw it yesterday and signed up to do a post a day this month. Having that deadline, plus an audience, should shake those words right out of me!

I'm doing one other new thing this month. Even though I love love love planners and lists and apps and systems, I have balked at using habit trackers even though I'm always attracted to the way they look. They just seem overwhelming--so many things to track! So many spaces to fill in! It's like my whole life would be micro-mananged.

But some people in a class I'm taking have been showing theirs, and they talked about only tracking a few habits a month, and I thought I could do that. I realized I already use a sort of habit tracker with my monthly exercise calendar (I'll show a picture of that maybe tomorrow). And with the trackers I use for my 365 Mile Challenge and The 100 Day Project. I thought maybe I might be thinking of them the wrong way, so I decided to experiment a little bit.

I went looking for different types of trackers and found these cool mini mandalas from The Artisan Life, and I jumped right in to using them this month. I'm going to track my daily blogging. The other two I don't plan to do every day, but I want to do them more days than not. I'm going to track cleaning things in small bursts (tiny, tiny bursts of 2 - 5 minutes) and to work on story writing (also in tiny increments--even 5 minutes is going to count). I can't wait to show you the colored-in trackers at the end of the month!

My April habit trackers ready to go!

Is there anything you'd like to get done? Break it into small steps, and let's do things together! Drop me a note and let me know what you're going to work on this month so I can cheer you on.


10 thoughts on “Doing Things

  1. Nolwenn

    I love lists. I love tracking. Everything and anything, when I think of it... but I hear you: it can feel way too overwhelming (and honestly, sometimes I like to keep my head in the sand regarding some areas of my life lol).
    So happy to read you all month-long 🙂

    1. Kim

      Hi! I'm so happy to see you! And yes, I think you're onto something here. When I'm avoiding tracking, I might also be keeping my head in the sand. LOL But here's me, picking my head up and looking around. 😀

  2. Aoife

    I used to use habit trackers but there were too many elements and it faded out again so I am thankful for this reminder to keep it simple. I may try this again 🙂

    1. Kim

      Good luck! I think anything that's supposed to help us get things done but feels like too much just isn't the right tool. I hope something simpler is useful for you!

  3. Lisa

    I love the mandala trackers. I'm not a pixel person, so those trackers don't appeal to me.
    I keep thinking about doing some habit trackers, but I haven't gotten started. I'm afraid I might not like the end result. (code for not following through on forming said habits lol)

    1. Kim

      I hear you! I think I have some of that worry about the end result going on, too. Just trying to remember that getting some things done is better than none, right? 🙂

  4. Mary M

    I love this idea! I am creative but my tracking is very left brain... spreadsheets and ColorNote app and daily checklists on the blank side of index cards and lists everywhere! I am going to try this out!

    1. Kim

      I love checklists and apps (have to check out ColorNote--I don't know that one!), but I also love it when you can have a useful tool that is also pretty. But really, index cards are the best things for so much!

  5. Samm Starrs

    What an awesomely creative way to track! I know that when I track things I get more done so I'm not sure why I don't track as often as I could 😉

    1. Kim

      I am the same! I know that it works, and yet so often I don't make use of it. That's why I'm saying out loud here that I'm doing it--peer pressure. 😀

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