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Keeping Track

My Habitica avatar fancied up with a few filters

I wanted to talk about one more way I keep track of things because I really like this site and app a lot. It's called Habitica, and it's sort of a role playing game as well as a productivity tool. And it helps me remember all the daily tasks and routines I want to do as well as work on building habits I want to have and tracking to-dos. And it's really cute and fun. You can play on a team, join guilds, participate in challenges. Or you can just use it solo (what I'm doing right now--I'm not even hatching eggs for new companion animals and mounts right now, but that's another thing you can do) to track your stuff.

Why do I love Habitica? Because of the three categories of things to track (and they're all on one screen on the website, although on the app you do have to move between them). Plus, it's pretty and whimsical and makes me smile.

The Three Categories:

Habits--you can track when you do certain habits you want to build. You can set it up so that you give yourself a plus if you do it and a minus if you don't, or you can just do a plus for every time you do the habit. Currently I use the habits column for studying Spanish, cleaning my kitchen sink at night, reaching my daily Fitbit goal, and a few other things. I just give myself pluses, but you can experiment with how you want to do it.

Dailies--this is for things you want to do every day. You can edit it so that they only show up on certain days. For example, I have meal planning show up for me on Sundays so I can get ready for the week. I have "take probiotic" on every day because otherwise I forget. This is also where I put temporary dailies like the 30 days of blogging I'm doing right now. You can also add checklists to your items--I have an evening routine with things like set out clothes, set up coffee maker, wash up and others that I want to do before bed. I have exercise set up for every day, but I've created a reward where I can buy skip exercise for some gold coins. It's a pretty nice and flexible system.

To Do--This is your basic to-do list. You can make single items or items with checklists so you can keep track of one-time things you want to get done (I really like this for projects I'm doing). You can set deadlines on these to help encourage you to get them done in a timely manner.

There *is* a learning curve to Habitica, but they walk you through it in small steps to help you learn it. And there's a guild that's all about helping out and answering questions, so the learning curve is easy enough to navigate. . If you're looking for something fun and a little different to help you get things done, I definitely recommend trying this out (it's free!).

Let me know if you try out Habitica. And what other apps and things do you like for helping you get things done? I'd love to hear about what you use.


12 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. Tania

    What an interesting app/game. Thanks for sharing. Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขll check it out.

    1. Kim

      It's fun to check out new things even if they aren't quite what we're looking for. Hope you find something interesting there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lori Ann DeLappe

    Wonderful! Habitica reminds of a writing site I used during Nanowrimo (whose name will escape me now.) It was gamified and gave me fun challenges to complete my word count for the day.

    I'm also reading "Atomic Habits" right now so this resonates. Thank you!

    1. Kim

      Ooh, that writing site sounds great! If you remember the name let me know. Also, I'm a WriMo, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sue Blott

    Oh this sounds interesting. Sometimes that external push or acknowledgement is enough to keep a habit going. Thank you!

    1. Kim

      I definitely do best with some sort of external motivator. Points on Habitica, little stickers on my exercise calendar--if I have people to check-in with, it's even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Donna

    Oh this sounds so interesting, just what I need, but would I use it, I can't even stay connected to a BUJO long enough to track what I want to track... I shall definitely check it out though, it may be good for my kids too!

  5. Helen

    I got cranky reporting in to the Noom app, so I imagine I'd get cranky reporting in to Habitaca. I even get cranky telling myself what to do in a bullet journal.

    1. Kim

      It's so hard to get past that resistance! A daily check-in thing might not be quite your thing then.

  6. Effy

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Habitica! I do up a list every day and so far that's served me well, but I'll check it out!

    1. Kim

      I find I have to use a combo of things. I still do my handwritten lists--nothing can quite replace that!

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