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Listen Up: About that Scalzi Deal

ListenYou may have heard about the book deal that John Scalzi signed with Tor a bit over a week ago.

You may also have seen some of the uproar.  Most of what I've seen on the internet has been really positive, congratulating Mr. Scalzi and wishing him well.  But there have been people saying he's selling out, people who seem to think that somehow his getting a great deal is going to take something away from other authors.  This is completely untrue and ridiculous.

Alastair Stephens of Story Wonk talked about this in one of his The Journeyman Writer podcasts last week, and I think what he has to say is important for all writers.  So have a listen.  Don't worry about what other writers are earning because it won't impact you at all, honest, and get back to your story.

The Journeyman Writer 53: A Big Deal