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Listen Up: In the Middle

ListenI struggle with middles in my longer writing projects.  I'm always excited about the beginnings (isn't everyone?).  And at least some of the time I'll have some good stuff queued up for the ending, so I know how that's going to look. But the middles catch me and drag me down.  I have stopped writing in the middle of a few too many wannabe novels.

This podcast from Writing Excuses addresses middles and has some great advice.  I especially like the conversation about try/fail cycles and also predictability.

Writing Excuses 10.27: Why Can't I Just Jump to the Ending?


2 thoughts on “Listen Up: In the Middle

  1. jeanie

    I wonder if one were to start writing the ending of their tale, if it would stimulate the prompt: "what caused this to happen?" as the filling within the burrito?

    1. Kim

      Jeanie, I use that technique all the time. It really works!

      I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere long ago, but I don't remember where. But it's especially useful when you're stuck but know something that's going to happen further on. Go to the point that you know, then go backwards by asking "what would make this happen?"

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