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Make Yourself a Little Something

For me, making myself a little something is so much better than going out and buying something.  Maybe not always, but when I'm feeling restless and dissatisfied, a feeling that used to send me to the mall as a teenager, making something makes me feel way better than a shopping spree does.  Usually costs a lot less, too.

I was feeling a little bit of that restlessness yesterday.  Then I found this fabulous tape from Duck brand (I really want to find the green peace symbol one!).  Then I remembered this cool journal making tutorial I saw last week.  And so I made this:

The Outside


Outside, Opened
The Inside

You can see from the photo of the inside that I got the bottom staple a little off-center.  I decided I didn't mind it enough to re-do it, so there you go.  I did change the final step and add one final step.  I stapled from the inside out then put another piece of tape over the staples on the outside of the spine to keep them from snagging.  It was easier for me to do it this way since I didn't have a long-armed stapler and also didn't have an eraser.  Experiment a bit and see what works for you.

Why is my journal making experiment important to you?  Just as a reminder--it took me longer to tweak my photos and write this post than it did to make the journal.  You do not have to have big stretches of time, lots of space, or many supplies to make something fun and satisfying.  So go ahead.  Go out and make yourself a little something.  You're gonna love it, I promise!