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My World September 2, 2021

You might just be getting a lot of lists from me this month. I'm good with that. I thought maybe I should use some different images, and I might later in the month, but this is my "listy" image, so for now I'm sticking with it. So here's today:

  • The school I'm working at is like a mini college campus rather than a high school. We have different buildings for different subjects, and there are some very pretty areas to walk through and even sit in because there are benches. I love walking through there to get to my classroom in the mornings.
  • Right outside my classroom window is a small landscaped space, and there are some absolutely gigantic crows who like to hang out nearby, and today one of them hopped closer and peeked through the window at me, and I was so happy to have a friend visiting!
  • The sudden shift to being back on a school schedule has exhausted me, and I just have to accept that my body reacts to change this way. I'm moving around a lot more. I'm not spending big chunks of time with my feet up. So I'm tired and achy, and that's probably pretty normal and not a sign of some moral deficiency. I want to stop feeling embarrassed by this.
  • I need a haircut, so once again I have to try to find a place to go and see if I find a good fit this time around.
  • I am ordering in food tonight because I am worn out and can't manage cooking, and I want to stop feeling guilty and embarrassed about this, too.
  • I got an adorable, perfectly fitting new jean jacket yesterday. I'm pretty sure this is why the temperatures are surging upward for the next bunch of days. The weather is thwarting me and keeping me from wearing the cuteness!
  • The past couple of years, suddenly I'm not as neutral about getting older as I had been until I hit 55. I keep feeling like it's too late to be and do the things I always wanted to. I think this attitude needs some work and some big changes so I can maybe get moving and do some cool things.
  • I am really behind on some things, and now I have an actual job that's going to take a lot of mental space and energy, and I hope I can get my art piece done for the November show. But I might have to switch to a less complicated piece, and I need to give myself the okay to do that and just move on.
  • I have a four day weekend now, and I really hope I can stir up some energy and get at least a couple of house things done, but I'm really worried that I won't manage it.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm babbling on the page now because I'm really tired, so I'm going to wrap this thing up.

4 thoughts on “My World September 2, 2021

  1. Gina Maloney

    I love your lists and your List Image. Keep it simple! We don't mind! Take care of yourself as you make this transition back to working and finding the time to fit in the things that you Want to do... around the things you need to.

    1. Kim

      Yes, it's going to be a bit of a transition figuring out/remember how to blend it all together.

  2. Sue Blott

    The school you're in sounds lovely with those landscaped areas and how cool that you have one right by your classroom and that you have interested crows! I'm glad you ordered in dinner. I can't manage cooking at the best of times. Lol. Wishing you all the time you want this weekend to relax and possibly art and anything else you'd like to do. <3

    1. Kim

      I am especially loving getting to watch the crows! Also, I am really tired of cooking so I hit that "we need to carry in" stage a lot lately. LOL

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