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On My Table April 8

I have been slowly working on this spread for almost two weeks. I realized it's because I was giving it a lot of weight in my head. The photo is my great-grandmother, and I think I was wanting to make this so very perfect because of that importance. Maybe I should have used a random photo from the internet!

Sometimes when something is important it freezes me up. That's another thing I think I need to spend more time with. There's a message there and some digging to do.

I'm not sure if this is done yet. It's done enough to let me move on, though, so that's good enough at least for now.
This is the original photo. I only have a few of her. I look for myself in her face sometimes.

6 thoughts on “On My Table April 8

  1. elle

    It's true what you say, I feel it sometimes myself. Random photo, magazine photo, etc no problems, but something that means something to you, big problem and I agonise over those pages sometimes too. I really like what you've done, she looks very regal Elle xx

    1. Kim

      Thank you! I try to tell myself it's all just paper, the same paper. But what's on it makes a difference.

  2. Kimi

    I do the same thing, even to the point of having a half finished spread of my mother (who died when I was young) in a journal I was working in last year. I don't know if I'll ever finish it.

    1. Kim

      I get that. I think sometimes we just have to say "finished enough" and go on.

  3. Effy

    Finished enough is definitely a thing, especially if we're creating for the sake of process over product. I love your piece!

    1. Kim

      Thank you! I have to remind myself that just doing it for the process is fine. I can get hung up on needing to make a "finished piece."

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