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Things I Need Today

I'm in the middle of figuring out all sorts of life things (that's me over there with my overgrown hair and thinking face on), and in the middle of all of that I keep thinking of all of these mundane things I need to take care of. I would really love the mundane stuff to just get itself done without me having to give it all this brain space! Some of the things I really need right now:

  • I need a haircut
  • I need some work pants
  • I need socks
  • I need a bigger lunch box
  • I need a different soap or body wash for the itchy allergy skin season

I could go on, but I'm stopping myself. These are the things I might have a chance of taking care of this weekend. I'm going to let everything else get taken care of as I can or when it becomes more crucial. What about you? What do you need right now? What would you like to get taken care of so you can get it out of the way and get on with other things?


16 thoughts on “Things I Need Today

  1. Donna

    You made it and you posted that's awesome.
    A good list I have to say reading you list makes me realise
    I need.... something to sort out my menopause skin. I hate that this time in my life has brought about adult acne in places that have never been and are painful and gross. I think it's a combination of acne and excema at the same time. Darn menopause.

  2. Effy

    I have a lot of things that need to get done that feel like they are in the way of *waves at life in general*, but lo, I am excellent at procrastination. 🙂 Solidarity!

    1. Kim

      I am also excellent at procrastination! Maybe it's a Libra thing. Unasked for advice, I know, but...Do things that will make you feel like you had a good weekend, even if that means some of the "need to" things have to wait a little longer.

    1. Kim

      Is it for a trip or for moving? Good luck either way! Packing is not a favorite job of mine. 😀

  3. Francine

    This weekend I'm supposed to be listing all the things but it hasn't happened yet. I hope I can have some quiet time tomorrow. I need to plan the rest of September....

    1. Kim

      OMG! I would love a house elf! I would promise them all the socks and clothes and everything they want in exchange for cleaning up. 😀

    1. Kim

      Yes, mundane and self-absorbed! That's a perfect description. Sometimes it does take a lot of effort. I just don't think about it or I forget to give time to it. That's really easy to do.

  4. Lisa Andruszkow

    Love your list.
    If I had to pick one thing to get done, it would be a hair trim.
    I'm not very good at doing it myself, though I have snipped the ends
    twice now since the virus has started. But I'm not willing to sit in a chair
    in a small shop with the majority maskless. Maybe I'll have a new skill by
    the time this is all over.

    1. Kim

      That's such a conundrum. I am very glad that we are still wearing masks here except for a brief period this summer when we though we could go without. And I also need a hair trim and have been putting it off, but I think I will get brave and go today!

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