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This Week–A List

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I don't really have that much to do, but I think after an entire year being unemployed and not on a schedule, now that I'm starting to work a bit more (with a long-term job starting on the 14th) having anything that has to happen at certain times is feeling like a lot. So I'm going to handle it the way I usually do--with a list.

Things I'm planning for this week (and a little bit beyond):

  • Work on stories at least 4 times
  • Post ROW80 goals for Round 2
  • Make class handouts for the two embroidery classes I'm teaching the first weekend in May
  • Give feedback on L's writing that I meant to do last week
  • Try out new PT exercises for my knee and hip and start working them into my regular routines
  • Catch up on Wanderlust lessons
  • Blog daily
  • Read 3 blogs daily

I really want to put a million things on there. I was going to write out all the ROW80 goals here--maybe I should. I feel like there's a lot more I'm supposed to be getting done, but now that I'm making the list I don't know for sure what it all is. Working on my studio--cleaning, organizing, setting it up so I can actually work in there. Changing the sheets and washing the dirty ones. I'm sure there was so much more zooming through my head until I started the list. Maybe that means these are the important things. Anything else that comes up can go on a list for another time. I think this must be the list for this week. My head is feeling better, so it's definitely good enough to work with, and that's what I was aiming for, so I'm going to call it good.


20 thoughts on “This Week–A List

  1. Aoife

    Realistic lists work better for me or there is a constant feeling of failure and like you say, the brain dump aspect is half the battle, allowing mental space to focus ...even if it doesn't all get done!!

    1. Kim

      I have to keep my lists short and realistic or I get overwhelmed by the lists I make to help me not be overwhelmed. But yeah, clearing that mental space by getting things onto a list feels so good!

  2. Joanna Hennon

    Getting stuff out of your head and onto a list is a lifesaver, right?? I make looooong braindump lists at the start of every month, they really help my tendency to get overwhelmed!

    1. Kim

      Oh, that sounds interesting. Is it a braindump of everything you want to get done for the month? Now that I'm getting back to a regular work schedule, I feel like I'm going to need more lists to keep my head where it needs to be.

  3. Victoria

    I get it! I, too am fumbling around trying to get back into a work groove after complete freedom for five months. List, for me are essential until I get my groove back.

    1. Kim

      I love how lists help us with brain things and not just getting things done. Here's to getting our grooves back!

  4. Tania

    It is a transition to go from unscheduled to working. I find it difficult, my executive functions need practice.

    1. Kim

      Mine, too! I like that take on it. I'm practicing being back on a schedule. Yes!

  5. Nicole

    I’ve been unemployed for ages because of the pandemic. The thought of working and having to keep to a schedule feels very alien at this point.

    1. Kim

      It's feeling very weird. I've only been working a couple of days a week since mid-February, so I'm at least getting to ease into it, but it feels really strange. I'm hoping when I start a regular schedule next week it will help smooth that out.

    1. Kim

      I put them into the ROW80 group, but I think I will put them here, too, just for that extra oomph. Thanks!

  6. Effy

    I loooooooove making and slaying lists. It's the only way forward for me. It always clears my head and helps me wrap my brain around what's next.

    1. Kim

      I do love when I've finished everything on my list. It feels so good! And I also find that putting things into a list really clears my head--they give me so much space!

    1. Kim

      Lists are so good! And they can be so many different things. Brief or more detailed, digital, on paper, on sticky notes. I do them all the ways.

  7. Donna

    I so relate.. so many things to go on my list, but if i cant tick them off i get all stressy so best I don't make the list, then i get annoyed as i forget things! Im trying to stick to my 30 days blog, my 30 days art challenge, and "anything else i have to do"

    1. Kim

      Yep, you definitely have to find what works for you. I have friends who make really long lists and happily carry things over to the next day. I've found that I get stressed out if I do that too often, so I make my daily lists pretty short, and I don't do them every single day. But it took me a lot of experiments to get to something that seems to work for me (although it still needs some tweaking).

  8. Leadonna

    I'm a list maker when I have a lot of things to do and then I prioritize the list making sure to denote what has top priority. I hit the high notes and then I frequently either forget or lose my list! It's been a lifelong cycle for me! I try to be better about it each time, yet I face the same issue over and over. I suppose it's a good thing I enjoy making those lists!

    1. Kim

      I have lost lists, too! I'm a little better now because I tend to put them on index cards which are slightly harder to lose--lol! I like the idea of putting everything on the list and prioritizing. I think sometimes I forget smaller things because I only put the biggest on the list.

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