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Trying Too Hard

In my last post, I mentioned how my delightful friend Jo of Tanglefrost sent me a beautiful necklace, and I was making her something in return.  I was so excited to be doing this because I love my necklace so much, and Jo has been a lovely presence in my online life this past year, and I was also rather thrilled to be sending something to England as I've never sent anything off the continent before.

I started a mixed media painting.  I wanted it to be oh-so-special so she would know how much I love my necklace and how much I love this real world connection idea.  I started another painting.  I gessoed over that one.  I put my things aside and played online.  I took out my canvas.  I looked at it and walked away.  I don't think I hit a wall.  I think the wall hit me.

I spent several days worrying about taking so long with my painting, about it not coming out right, about my gift not being good enough.  And then Sunday evening it hit me.  I was being a goofball!  This wasn't at all about making something perfect or out of the ordinary or anything like that.  It was about making one of the paintings I love to play with and create and then sending that little piece of my happiness and enjoyment to a dear person to share the fun.

So now the painting is almost ready.  I think two more layers will have all the pieces on it I want, and I've been having lots of fun playing with colors and patterns and papers.  And I think that will show in the final product.  And this will be exactly what it was supposed to be all along--fun and happy and friendly!

So take note--don't try too hard.  Do what you love.  The joy will show through, and those who experience what you've made will know that they are in touch with a little bit of your heart, and it will be a good thing all the way around.

Go out and enjoy your creating!


2 thoughts on “Trying Too Hard

  1. Jo

    My dear, sweet friend. I've been away from 'blogland' for a fair few days so have only just seen this post. Our friendship is so very dear & special to me. I think it wasn't a mere coincidence that we connected on Twitter just over a year ago now. And what a year it has been.
    It thrilled my heart to send something special to you from over the seas in celebration & recognition of that friendship. I said at the time that I did not require an 'exchange' as the giving/receiving was enough. That you have taken such pains & time to create such a special 'gift from the heart' touches me so very deeply - i simply sent a creation that had already made while you have made something specially for me! Wow! I know that it will be truly gorgeous as it has been created by such a beautiful soul. Thank you so very much.
    Hugs xxxxx
    Huge hugs xxxx

  2. Serena

    Hear Hear! Or is it Here Here? In any case, what I'm trying to say is, rigth on, girl. That's the lesson that keeps hitting home with me. It's taking me a lifetime to learn how to stop trying to control the process and just flow with it. Every time I start working a plan in my head, it becomes this whole big thing that ends up being too big for me, and I get overwhelmed and just plain tired before even getting started. But every single time I have just let go of having to know the outcome and just allowed myself to play.... MAGICK! You would think I'd always do it this way now? Uh uh. 'Cause I'm a stubborn one and I haven't kicked myself around enough yet. Ha! But that certainly seems to be the best path.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement to me on my blog. So glad to meet you!

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