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Five Things, May 19

Cute new lights in our yard!

I was trying to write a different post, but it's not quite working out, so how about a little list of things I like right now in my world? I've had a couple of weird and cranky days, so I think I need this.

  • We have pretty lights all around our yard now, and they make me smile every time I look out the window and see them all lit up at night.
  • I have several books loaded onto my Kindle for reading, so I'm spoiled for choice, and I love that feeling. It's very comforting knowing I have lots of good things to read.
  • I got some new stencils and paint, so this weekend I'm going to have some good play time.
  • It's been really chilly the last couple of nights, so sleeping has been extra good.
  • All of my closest people have received their second doses of vaccine, so very soon we will get to be together in person (and we're putting in a patio and fixing up the yard for the occasion!)

What about you? How's your world? What good things are there for you right now?

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16 thoughts on “Five Things, May 19

  1. Susan Renshaw

    Loved reading your list!
    I got my first vaccine last week - made me pretty headache-y but that's all!
    I enjoyed three days of a virtual retreat being inspired by some amazing artists.
    We went to see our block - we are buying this and eventually will have a house built on it!

    1. Kim

      Yay for vaccine! The headache doesn't sound great, but I'm glad that was your only side effect. A retreat and building a house sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing some of your good stuff.

    2. Denise

      I am vaccinated and so are all my peeps. Glad to see more and more people getting vaccinated and hope the world can ramp up vaccinations for all the poor people in India, Brazil and beyond ASAP! Your lights feel like hope - summer is almost here!

      1. Kim

        Joining you in that wish to get people in those hard-hit places vaccinated and soon!

  2. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    What a lovely post, it’s great to see some good things happening to others! This month I’ve finished the diamond painting, bought trousers that actually fit, and the potatoes and begonias are doing well 🙂

    1. Kim

      Ooh, is that the diamond painting you posted a picture of a while back? How cool! And I love finding clothes that fit right. It feels like an accomplishment, and they feel so much better! Glad your plants are doing well, too!

  3. Amy

    My closest people are all vaccinated now. I've had lunch with some and gone hiking with others and can't wait to spend time with a few more. I'm an introvert and never really thought I NEEEEEED time with my people, but the pandemic has really taught me that I DO! Your patio sounds like a great place to hang out!

    1. Kim

      Hooray for vaccinations and getting to spend time together again! Yep, even introverts need some of that. Enjoy!

  4. elle

    Love your lights! I got some books in an audible sale so I have those lined up, and yes you're right, it is comforting to know they are waiting. Elle xx

  5. Francine

    Some very lovely things happening in your world! Love you ve those lights.

    I'm looking forward to birthday celebrations this weekend.

  6. Jean

    We've been vax'd for awhile but we're still wearing masks. At least we feel safer going in stores.

    I love having my kindle filled with books and I've been reading travel books where people either hike for days or people live in RV's for a year and work at the camp sites. Not that I want to do it but love reading about their adventures.

    Love your lights and your lists.

    1. Kim

      We are still wearing masks, too. Gonna do that for a while.

      I love having those vicarious adventures! I haven't read any of the RV kind you mentioned. Do you have and recommendations? I'm curious now. 🙂

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