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Summer Dreams

Image by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

I'm starting to feel that summer vibe. It's almost June. Just over three weeks of school left. It's time to make plans!

Summer is one of those times of year for me that makes me want to make plans and do projects and get things done. (I also get this bug at the new year and in September). I have so many ideas whirling around my head! And you know what that means. Time to make a list!

Things I Want To Do This Summer

  • A summer vision board, maybe on the Solstice to roll me through the end of the year (anyone want to join in?)
  • Turn that piano we got into an art desk for my studio
  • Finish setting up my studio
  • Day trip to the coast (it's been sooooo long!)
  • Set up my own mini writing retreat in the yard
  • Go on at least one photo walk (and learn how to use the fancy DSLR camera we were gifted last year)
  • Try out at least three new-to-me walking trails

I could go on, but I won't. I shouldn't. I tend to think summer is forever and that I can do a million things. And that's just not true. Especially because we only have two room ACs, so when it's super hot I'm either in the living room or the bedroom just trying to stay cool (and trying not to get anxious ahead of time about how I will handle the heat food wise and exercise wise and whatnot). And now apparently we get fire season here, so I know some part of the late summer (please please please not too much, not like last year!) will be all about hunkering down trying to stay cool while having to keep the house sealed up (and the fire season thing makes me so very nervous, and I'm trying not to let myself get too anxious about it months in advance).

I'm trying to remember the excitement of childhood summer and keep the anxieties quiet so I can enjoy the season, make some things, get some things done. Weird that there can be so much excitement while there's also so much worry, isn't it?

Anyhow, what are your summer plans? Any projects in the works? Travel? I'd love to hear what you're planning to be up to!

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12 thoughts on “Summer Dreams

  1. Susan Renshaw

    Those plans sound brilliant! Here is Australia we are moving into Winter...and tonight we start another snap lockdown. So my next week is going to be crafting!

    1. Kim

      Crafting is so good during lockdowns. Making things saved my sanity last year, I'm pretty sure. Enjoy your crafting!

  2. Samm Starrs

    Being that I'm an Aussie moving into winter I am highly jealous right now LOL I love summer, it's my second favourite season. Enjoy yours!!

    1. Kim

      I was thinking about that as I was writing this post, how some people are moving into winter. I will think warm thoughts at you! 🙂

  3. Denise J Herman

    I'm the same - Summer motivates me and I loved summer in childhood (and I too dread fire season here in northern California). I'm intrigued with "Turn that piano we got into an art desk for my studio" - do share pics.

    1. Kim

      I'm in the Porland, OR area, and the fires have been encroaching here.

      I will share pictures of the piano project for sure! We're working on a few things that need to get done to make space to do it because it's going to be a big project, but hopefully it's going to be awesome in the end. Meanwhile, search for "piano to desk conversion" and see the amazing things people have done. It's so cool!

  4. Jean

    I would love to have that feeling again like I did as a child. School is out and I'm free.

    I have a piano that I inherited when we bought this house. No one wants a piano so I can't get rid of it. Highly out of tune and the past owner spilled something on it so the keys are sticky. I will check out piano to desk conversion. It sounds cool. Do you play?

    1. Kim

      I don't play, but I appreciate the beauty of the instrument.

      My partner ran across a desk someone had made from a piano and showed it to me, and I said I'd love to do that, and five minutes later he found someone *giving away* an old piano that won't hold a tune, and the next day we brought it home! In just over 12 hours we went from never having heard of converting pianos into other things to having a piano under a tarp in our yard waiting to become a desk. 😀

  5. Amy

    My summer goal is to read EVERY day. I love reading but have gotten out of the habit of reading daily. Hoping I can convince my 16-year-old to join me but doubt i!

    Also a trip to California on the horizon. And lots of hiking.

    1. Kim

      That sounds like a fabulous summer! Reading and traveling and hiking... I hope the 16-year-old at least gives it a try!

  6. elle

    We are having summer this week and then it will probably be over haha, hope not but the weather is so changeable. The vision board idea sounds interesting, tell me more... No plans for summer except to try and get the garden under control but I say that every year and it rains all summer and nothing gets done lol Elle xx

    1. Kim

      We are having full-on summer days right now. It was 97 yesterday! I am not very thrilled that our summers are becoming hotter and dryer. Maybe I need to move where you are. LOL

      Vision boards are collages of images and words cut from magazines (or printed out--I do that sometimes) and glued down, and everything is focused on things you want to bring into being over the course of whatever time period you've chosen. I like to do them at the new year, but I'm feeling like I want to do one for the second half of the year this year.

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