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Muse Appeal July 29, 2020

A few of the things feeding my Muse right now. Index card art, mixed media painted backgrounds, creating a little shelf garden.

In the early days of MuseCraft, I used to write a blog series called "On My Table." It was pictures, combined with a bit of writing, of projects I was working on that week, and it was really fun to do (although trying to do a new project every week got a little hectic).

I've been missing those sharing posts lately, telling about the things that are inspiring me, what's stirring my Muse. And I know when I share the things I'm making on Facebook and Instagram, people seem to really enjoy it, and we end up having really good conversations. So I decided to bring back sharing posts, but they're not going to be just things I'm making. I thought it might be fun to share all the things that perk up my Muse's interest (Muse Appeal, get it? I know--I'm too funny)--books I'm reading, songs I'm loving, food I'm eating, all of that.

This week's Muse Appeal is a list. And just so you know, I love lists! There will probably be lots of lists.

A few of the things delighting my Muse this week:

  • Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day (ICAD)--it's almost finished for this year! I've been making collages on my cards every day using gel printed papers I made during a 30 day gel printing challenge I did last September, so I'm getting to make some art and also use things I already had.
  • Making backgrounds for mixed media pieces using techniques I learned last week in Seth Apter's class "One Layer Away." These are so much fun--I know there will be a lot more in my future. Pretty sure my art journal is going to get a lot of these backgrounds.
  • Looking up tutorials and info on plants and decorations for my new container garden I set up just outside my back door so I can see it from my perch on the sofa.
  • Continuing work on the little embroideries from #The100DayProject. When I'm finished, they're going to become a mobile for my studio! (You can see all 100 days of this on my Instagram--the link is over there on the right.)

Those are the big things capturing my attention right now. (That and a studio remodel, but I'm stalled on that right now, so more on that another time.) What about you? What's appealing to your Muse right now? Leave a comment or pop over to my Facebook page and let me know. I love hearing what everyone's enthused about!


4 thoughts on “Muse Appeal July 29, 2020

  1. Amy Kennedy Fosseen

    I’ve been toying with doing an art challenge on Facebook. Mainly to get me back into the create mode! I love seeing your art on Instagram, and appreciate the list—pretty sure I’ll be dipping my toes into the index card art! Love “Muse Appeal!”

    1. Kim

      Challenges are such a great way to get back into creating! And index cards--so small and quick, so they don't tend to lead to that blank page freeze-up. I can't wait to see what you do! Have fun!

      1. Kim

        So very strange that I accidentally ended up on this blog, because I am an artist returning to her work after several years of being away. Also, I became very confused on THIS page because there was a little person/account icon that said "Kim". Well, I am Kim, so I thought, "have I been here before? Do I have an account here?" Finally, I scrolled down to the bottom, and found the other Kim who is the post author. I hate to suggest more eerie-ness, but, "Other Kim", did you happen to look at the date and time of your comment? Just saying 😀

        1. Kim

          Hi Kim! I'm so glad you ended up here! I'm even more glad you're returning to your work. I feel like the world needs artists putting themselves out there.

          Laughing so much about the confusion. I have done things like that! Also, I love all the eerie weird stuff, so yay! And 11:11!

          Good luck with your work. Onward!

          ~The Other Kim

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