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On My Table, June 6

It's been an overfull week, but I have been making things. Small things and listy things, things to give me small breaks during the busy days. Here are a few favorites.


14 thoughts on “On My Table, June 6

  1. Donna

    I like your ICADs they look so pretty, I'm doing it this year For the first time, and after 6 days I have a question or two 1. What do you do with the backs? 2. What do you do with them at the end of the time?

    1. Kim

      Thank you! 🙂

      On the back I write the date and what number out of 61 the card is.

      I've been keeping most of them in an index card holder (I just got a big one that will hold 1,100 cards!), but I keep a few on a little metal easel meant for business cards so I can see them regularly. I also occasionally glue one into my planner or one of my journals.

  2. Nolwenn

    That's so cool! Glad you still found a way to sneak in some creative time.
    What do you do with all your ICAD items once you're done?

    1. Kim

      Thanks! 🙂

      I keep most of them in an index card box (I just got a bigger one), but I keep some of them on a business card holder so I can see them, and sometimes Ill glue one into a journal or my planner.

        1. Kim

          The only rule is to make something with an index card as a base. So open for possibilities!

  3. elle

    Isn't that always the way with gel printing lol. I love your ICADs, I am doing it too but I have nothing to share yet as I was thinking of doing a weekly round up but then some other things got in the way. Elle xx

    1. Kim

      I always get my favorite papers from the clean-up prints and the paper I clean my brayers on. LOL

      Weekly roundups are great. I have done that for a couple of year-long stitching projects I did, and it's a really nice way to go.

      1. elle

        yes I have a few great clean up papers in my current stash and I can't decide what to use them on as they look really good as is lol I think weekly is better than trying to do it every day. Elle xx

  4. Lisa Andruszkow

    I love your ICADs.
    I keep intending to participate. I try every year. But I always end up
    getting side tracked lol.
    Maybe I'll play catch up and try again.

    1. Kim

      You could just jump in without catching up. You could extend your ICAD into August, or just do fewer cards. Make it easy for yourself. Also, it's so easy to get sidetracked! I do it all the time, so I really get this.

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