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I Want To Be That Person

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

I was just telling my partner that I want a spot in the backyard to go and hangout. In the past I had toyed with the idea of a she-shed, but right now the space just won't work. We're going to be putting an enclosed patio on the back of our bedroom, but right now the front yard is the focus. Then a friend got this super cute tent that has colorful pennants and swirly things on it, and I want one! Or something like that. For my backyard. So he came up with a few ideas for me, and I got pretty excited.

And then I stopped dead in my tracks. I don't tend to go sit outside. I never really have, unless I'm at an outdoor party or something like that. I shouldn't put any time and effort and money into fixing up a spot in the backyard. I just want to be that person who sits outside to read and listen to music. I've never actually been that person. What if I set everything up and don't use the space?

But then I realized that if you want to be a certain kind of person, you don't have to wait to do the things that sort of person does until you've made the proper inner shift or whatever. You become a certain type of person by doing the things that sort of person does. I

Writers write. Artists create. Backyard sitters go sit outside. So I'm going to set up a space for myself and see what happens. I might just be a person who enjoys sitting outside! And I'm going to think of what other people I want to be, and I'm going to start walking the walk. That's how you get there, after all.


10 thoughts on “I Want To Be That Person

  1. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    We have an outside place for sitting and it’s used a lot in summer. I never used to sit outside at all, but now I actually get to do so and I love it! I love that picture, it looks so relaxing!

    1. Kim

      It really does! I'm hoping if I make it comfortable I will be more inclined to go out there. I think our yards back home had some seating, but not much, and not in a way that made it easy to have a drink and book and put your feet up and just relax. It was more set up for individual seats for eating if we were having a party. Anyhow, I'm going to see what happens.

  2. Angela Fretwell

    oh yes, I want to be that person too - I'd love a setting like your picture but our backyard is too small for something like that! xoxo

    1. Kim

      Our yard is a bit small for something this size, but I'm hoping to capture that cozy fairytale feel.

  3. Samm Starrs

    Ohhhh I want to be that person too because when I am that person I actually love it. What a powerful message within your blog about DOING. A cook is a cook because they cook, a singer is a singer because they sing, etc. My next baby is step is a walker is a walker because they walk so I need to walk so I can be a walker (there's a tongue twiser in there somewhere I'm sure!)

    1. Kim

      It always surprises me how easy it is to not do things that we want to do and that make us feel good! I am practicing being a walker right now, too. Cheering you on from over here!

  4. Susan Renshaw

    I'd love to be that person. I love to sit outside in the right weather. I wanted a hammock but my husband said I would never use it...

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