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The Creative Body

I don't always have the best relationship with my body. I spent my whole life from age ten into my forties trying to make it into the "right" shape and size. Then I spent a lot of time trying to break that diet, cult of thinness mentality. Then old injuries caused new injuries, and a medication caused tendon damage in my hip, and so chronic pain came along.

When our bodies are hurting or not working quite right, or when we have those bad body images foisted on us by society, it's easy to spend as much time as we can living in our heads. But one thing I'm learning more and more--especially now because I've started some new physical therapy stuff for the various injuries--is that our bodies are ourselves, and they need our love and attention.

I think our creative work can flow better, can come out better, when we spend some time doing good things for our bodies. What good things? That depends on the body, of course. Just like with other experts, it's important to not just listen to and jump in on whatever the fitness gurus say. Here too we have to find what's right for us.

I know that when I'm giving my body attention, I can find things that feel better (maybe not completely get rid of the pains, but make them better which is good). And I feel like this attention to my body helps me when I'm trying new things in my art--I can feel the difference in ways to hold a pen or brush, how much pressure is light versus heavy. The physical transfers itself into my creative work.

Giving attention to my body also helps me have more energy because I know when to rest and when to stop doing something that's putting too much strain on me. It touches on all parts of my life, including my creativity.

Our bodies are part of our creative journey. We should decorate them, care for them, love them, and give them all the good things so they can carry us along our path.


4 thoughts on “The Creative Body

  1. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    Thanks for this post. I actually don’t really give my body the attention I should. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Kim

      I think we're trained to only really pay attention to it when it's doing something we don't like--having pain or being sick. It's a lot of untraining we have to do to get to the point of paying attention at the other times.

  2. Effy

    I'm coming around to this lately - my body is making a lot of noise about how much of an afterthought it is. I'm inspired by your post.

    1. Kim

      I'm glad you feel inspired! I think we're just trained to only pay attention to our bodies when they "act up." So it's hard to pay attention other times.

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