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Five Things–April 21

It's been a really long, hard day. But I got some big things sorted out and still managed a load of laundry and a shower! And now I'm going to use a technique I learned from the fabulous Liz Lamoreux. I'm going to find five good things in this day. (By the way, take one of her Here sessions--so wonderful, peaceful, comforting, uplifting. Just so good!)

Five Things:

  • Chinese carry-out for dinner
  • Goofy cats running around making me laugh
  • All of my besties have had their vaccines or have scheduled them, so we should get to have a small gathering in my yard in a few weeks!
  • Today I learned about the bee hummingbird, the world's smallest bird, and someone had one perched on their finger in a photo (it must have been a baby) and it was so tiny--really the size of a bee!
  • Met online with my writing group and had a great talk about doll houses and miniatures which was funny and odd and very fun

That's what I can manage today. And for today it's enough.


12 thoughts on “Five Things–April 21

  1. Susan Renshaw

    Five really good things for today... I may try finding five things from time to time...

  2. Donna

    Love that list, I have a goofy cat too and he was properly funny yesterday.
    I recently learnt a little about the Marshmallow (desert rain frog)

  3. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    I’m enjoying your 5 things, and I’ll try that myself, it’s a great idea!

    1. Kim

      It's a really nice practice and a lot of days feels more accessible than a gratitude list even though they're really similar.

  4. Samm Starrs

    I love finding the good things 🙂 I try to do that though sometimes the best thing about my day is that I don't have to go outside and use an old-style toilet lol I get to stay in my home and use a flushing toilet. That's always a good thing though, even on the days where that's not the best I can find.

    1. Kim

      I think that's a great thing to count. I also like having an indoor, flush toilet and not having to go out in all weather for a bathroom break!

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