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So Many Notebooks

Detail of my writing practice notebook cover

Today is going to be a bit of a ramble, just some things I'm thinking about. I love notebooks. If you have been around my blog or any of my other online spaces for a while, you already know this.

I keep trying to find The Notebook. I keep trying to convince myself that I should pick one and go with it. But I just finished up this composition book where I do writing practice, and the Happy Planner I thought I would use as my writing practice book and catch-all notebook didn't do it for me. So I'm on to another composition book for writing practice (still need to decorate the cover!). And I've been beating myself up about having too many notebooks.

But yesterday I asked myself, "Is it really too much? Do I really have too many?" Do I use them all? Off and on. I've been using the Happy Planner (the latest in my slew of disc-bound notebooks) for my everyday book, my catch-all. So great. That one has a purpose and gets used a lot. But I love a composition book for writing practice, and I use it. So still good. I also love Moleskine cahiers. I use them for on-the-go writing practice sometimes, for notes for classes when I'm taking longer classes with lots of notes. I don't use them as much anymore, but I still use them.

I do have a hardbound faux Moleskine that I was going to try bullet journaling in, but I can't quite seem to get the hang of that, at least not yet.

There are a lot of notebooks around her. But some of them are older and used to get used. Some of them are in use now. There aren't actually that many that aren't being used. And you know what? I love them! That right there means they belong. They make me happy. I'd love to get them all into one place. One shelf maybe, with filled books on one side and empty books waiting to be filled on the other. So I could see what I have. But right now I'm going to stop insisting that I pick one kind and stick with it. That's NEVER going to make me happy.

So, lots of notebooks it is! Check that off the list, stop worrying about it, and move on to what kind of stickers I need for the covers!


15 thoughts on “So Many Notebooks

    1. Kim

      There's something so appealing about a bunch of notebooks all together just ready for whatever comes.

  1. Aoife Brown

    Yes notebookaholic here too..just got a great big one yesterday for all my notes on Sacred Drumming. They go nicely with all the art journals! Loving "Scribbles that matter" dotted journals lately for planning. Although my bullet journaling has turned into a random half-hearted mess this year..but that's ok too!

    1. Kim

      Ooh, I don't think I've seen the "Scribbles that matter" books. And yeah, I think it turns into what it wants sometimes, and that's totally okay.

  2. Victoria

    Right on! No such thing, too many notebooks, pftth! Lol
    Thats like saying too much bacon, cheese, plants or rocks.
    Who ? Lol.

  3. April Laramey

    But yesterday I asked myself, "Is it really too much? Do I really have too many?"

    No. Never, ever are there too many.

  4. Samm Starrs

    I am pretty sure if I went through my daughter's room she would have at least 50 notebooks laying around. She is always buying new notebooks and I then I just went and bought her 3 for her birthday LOL She doesn't get her notebook hoarding from me at all ::peers over at her shelves full of art journals and notebooks::

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